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Study in the heart of old Tokyo
Practical and fun lessons
Small classes (max. 7)

Yanesen Japanese Language and Culture School is a great place where foreign students can better understand Japanese culture and the way Japanese people think through Japanese language lessons. Highly qualified and experienced language instructors team up with knowledgeable culture instructors so that you can learn about and enjoy different aspects of our culture that interest you, while improving your skills in the language.

We have prepared a curriculum so that you can understand and use the Japanese language through our specially chosen 21 Japanese cultural experience programs, as well as community life experiences and interaction exercises. People are always influenced by their surroundings. Being located in such a stimulating environment as Yanaka encourages our students to improve not only their language skills, but their cultural interests and social interaction. These three elements, combined with our policy of "ichi-go ichi-e.", are what make Yanesen Language School so unique.


Including 1 FREE Culture Lesson / 10 lessons

10 lessons

47,500 yen

20 lessons

90,000 yen

*All lessons 90 minutes. FREE trial lesson!
*Free to choose any culture lesson except Kabuki
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4 lessons/month

20,000 yen

8 lessons/month

39,000 yen

21 Culture Programs