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I’ve ridden every electric motorcycle out there. Here’s what I’ve discovered

Zero FXE electric motorcycle ridden by Micah Toll

Electric motorcycles are my jam. If I’m on two wheels and it’s not a bicycle, then odds are I’m on an electric motorcycle. I don’t ride them because they’re clean or green, though those are nice side benefits – I ride them because they’re fun and enjoyable. They’re infinitely better than sitting in a car watching the world go by through glass. And the ownership experience is so much nicer than gas motorcycles due to their greatly reduced maintenance, lower cost of ownership, lack of vibrating cacophony, and a laundry list of other reasons.

My love of these awesome e-motos has put me in a unique position of having ridden pretty much every one of them out there.

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Babymaker 2 review: This belt-drive electric bike is more than just an edgy name

flx babymaker 2 electric bike

Yeah, I thought the same that you did when I first started covering the Babymaker 2. Here’s a new e-bike from some bike bros that’s got more of a provocative name than actual substance.

But I was wrong. Because after getting the chance to spin the pedals on the Babymaker 2 and put some good honest miles on the bike, I realized that this is actually a very nice e-bike for a certain segment of the population. And not just the keg stand segment.

Black Friday update: it is now priced at $1,499!

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InMotion V5 electric unicycle review: How I didn’t even hurt myself testing it

The electric unicycle crowd is a pretty passionate one. It’s not rare to see you folks in my comment section, lecturing me about how your EUC goes farther and faster than whatever e-bike I’m covering that day, all for a fraction of the price. And I’ll admit, the ability to ride an electric vehicle to your destination and then just pick it up to carry it inside like a briefcase does have its appeal. So I figured I’d give the InMotion V5 a test, as it’s supposed to be a very beginner friendly wheel.

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First ride: CSC RX1E $8k and 80 MPH electric motorcycle is a perfect starter bike

csc rx1e

When CSC first announced the RX1E, I was super excited about the prospect of an electric motorcycle that could hit highway speeds while priced at a fraction of most big name e-motos today. And so, when I was swinging through LA recently, I made sure to stop by CSC’s Azusa headquarters and give the bike a test. Now I’m even more excited than ever about this new addition to CSC’s lineup.

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Wallke H6 review: The fastest, most massive folding electric bike I’ve ever tested

wallke h6 electric bike

Generally speaking, folding electric bikes are usually on the smaller and lighter end of the spectrum. They tend to prioritize compactness over performance, which makes sense for a folder. At least that was until the Wallke H6 came around and flipped the script, saying “Screw your compactness. We’re a crazy fast e-bike that just happens to fold in half!”

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Aventon Level.2 review: Truly a top-class commuter electric bike, but for one thing

aventon level 2 review e-bike

I’ve been an Aventon fan for a long time, having been routinely impressed with the quality of each new electric bike the company has released. And so I went into this review of the new Aventon Level.2 with a fairly high bar for the company. Fortunately for everyone, Aventon largely cleared that bar with room to spare, delivering a Level.2 that is truly worthy of the label “flagship commuter e-bike.”

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Zugo Rhino review: A moped-inspired electric bike built for California-style cruising vibes

Zugo Rhino electric bike

I’ve been eyeing the Zugo Rhino electric bike for a while now, especially the version in that trippy color-changing indigo paint job. I finally got the chance to test out not one but two of them when the company let me put some good honest miles on the step-over and step-through variants of the Zugo Rhino.

Having spent some fun saddle time on both of them, I can tell you that the bikes give you exactly the type of ride you’d expect just from looking at them – a powerful and fun joyride that is somehow equal parts relaxing and exciting.

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Review: 28 mph Maxfind FF AT all-terrain electric skateboard rides better than the expensive boards

maxfind ff at skateboard

This is the first time I’ve had a chance to test one of Maxfind’s electric skateboards, but the budget e-skateboard maker has seriously impressed me. Having previously tested much more expensive name-brand boards, I can immediately tell you that the Maxfind FF AT rides just as well, if not better, than some of the bigger names out there. It may not have quite as much power (though it’s close), but it makes up for it in the ride quality.

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HittRoad electric bike review: I took this ultra-affordable e-bike off-roading

hittroad safari

HittRoad is one of several low-cost electric bicycles currently racking up sales on Amazon. The good thing about these $600-$700 e-bikes is that they help bring the fun and fitness aspects of electric bikes to customers who can’t afford models costing several times these prices. But keeping the universe in balance is the bad side, which is that the bikes’ quality usually suffers at that price point.

So I took HittRoad’s Safari mountain bike-ish e-bike to my local trails to give it a test on the single track. Here’s how it did.

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Tern Quick Haul first ride: Testing out Tern’s most affordable high-quality cargo e-bike yet

tern quick haul e-bike

At Eurobike 2022, I had the chance to test out a number of fun and innovative new electric bikes, and one of the models I was most looking forward to was the Tern Quick Haul. Having covered the bike’s unveiling earlier this year, I knew that I was going to want to test out this new lower-cost model to see if it could maintain the high-quality reputation that Tern is known for.

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Addmotor E53 City Pro electric bike review: Testing a commuter e-bike with 125 miles of range?!?

addmotor e-53 city pro electric bike

When Addmotor unveiled its E-53 City Pro electric bike recently, it showed off one of the biggest batteries in the industry: 48V and 20Ah of capacity for a nearly 1 kWh of energy between the rider’s knees. But the bike wasn’t only about big batteries and long range. It also included a number of commuter-worthy features and components designed to turn the Addmotor E-53 City Pro electric bike into an ideal everyday runabout electric bike.

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