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EU market commissioner encourages ICE vehicle exports as if global climate change doesn’t affect Europe

EU market

EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton is publicly urging automakers to consider continuing internal combustion engine vehicle production over fears of lost jobs and a future in which middle class consumers cannot afford EVs. Breton may want the EU to remain a “export force” in combustion vehicles, but will anyone still be interested in them as more and more countries set expiries in order to combat the vicious acceleration of global climate change?

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EU and US discussing an exemption that would include EVs from European members in US tax credits

European EV tax credits

The European Union has asked the United States to include EVs, batteries, and other sustainable products sold on US soil in federal tax credits, similar to benefits it currently offers its North American neighbors. According to a recent report, the US and EU are in discussions about what’s possible.

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EU officially inks complete ban on new combustion vehicles from 2035 onward

EU combustion ban

Following over five years of debate and a steadfast proposal introduced last year, the EU has agreed upon its first terms under a “Fit for 55” package to significantly reduce carbon emissions in Europe and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The EU agreement increases required cuts to carbon emissions by 2030 and issues a complete ban on new combustion cars and vans from 2035 onward.

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BYD Seal EV coming to Europe as company mulls adding Dolphin hatchback next

BYD Seal

Build Your Dreams (BYD) continues to expand upon its own dream of becoming a global household name in autos as it is making headlines yet again. After recently announcing entry into Europe with sales of three of its EVs, BYD has announced a fourth – the Seal – will be joining the lineup. Furthermore, the automaker’s Dolphin hatchback could soon be joining the Euro party as well.

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China’s NIO to compete in Europe with unnamed ‘smaller, mainstream’ brand of EVs after premium rollout

NIO Europe

As three premium EV models from NIO make their way to new markets in Europe, the Chinese automaker has already shared intentions to bring its second brand – still unnamed – overseas following its initial launch in China in 2024. The second NIO brand is expected to be a friendlier-priced, mass-market marque to further compete with other automakers in Europe.

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BYD widens its presence in Europe by selling 100K EVs to German rental company SIXT

Sixt EVs

Mere months after announcing its expansion into several European markets, Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) is making quick moves to get more of its EVs on streets overseas. German car rental company SIXT has just signed on to purchase around 100,000 EVs from BYD that will be available to rent in Europe beginning this year.

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BYD presale pricing for its EV lineup in Europe will start below 40,000 euros

BYD Europe

Following an announcement this past summer of its intentions to bring its EVs to Europe, Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) has shared presale pricing for its first three vehicles to arrive overseas. The official premiere included additional specifications ahead of full details next month. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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NIO boosting its EV battery lease business with swap station expansion across Europe

NIO swap station

Chinese EV automaker NIO has already rooted its flag in the soil of Europe, yet is still merely getting started with its plans to expand beyond its home turf. The company’s president recently shared that NIO plans to offer battery lease programs and a huge expansion of available swap stations as a strategy to entice more EU customers and gain a larger chunk of the growing EV market overseas.

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Chinese automaker Great Wall taps Emil Frey to distribute its EVs in Europe, beginning with Germany

Chinese EV Europe

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor has announced its next steps in previously laid out plans to expand EV sales to markets in Europe. Beginning with Germany, Great Wall has recruited the services of Emil Frey – the EU’s largest car dealer group to help distribute vehicles from the Ora and Wey marques.

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VinFast announces over 50 upcoming stores spread throughout Europe

VinFast store Europe

During EVS35 in Olso, Vietnamese EV automaker VinFast outlined its plans for expansion overseas, alongside the European debut of its VF 8 and VF 9 EVs. During the presentation, VinFast shared intentions to open at least 50 stores spread throughout Europe in countries including Germany, France, and the Netherlands to start. Additionally, VinFast shared new sales policies exclusive to those European markets.

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EU renewables plan spotlights Japan’s weak targets as G7 energy meeting kicks off

Japan clean energy

The EU plans to transition to renewables more than twice as fast as Japan by 2030, according to new analysis released by global energy think tank Ember ahead of the G7 environment, climate, and energy ministers meeting, which kicks off today in Berlin. The ministers will decide whether and how G7 countries will commit to clean power by 2035. 

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Four EU countries set a massive offshore wind target of 65 GW by 2030

EU offshore wind

Four EU countries – Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands – jointly announced yesterday that they have set an offshore wind target of at least 65 gigawatts (GW) by 2030 and then intend to more than double that combined total to 150 GW by 2050.

For perspective, according to the Global Wind Energy Council, as of September 2021, there were 35.3 GW of global offshore wind capacity.

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XPeng Motors announces starting EU pricing for P5 reservations

XPeng EU pricing

Following the opening of reservations in four European markets last month, XPeng Motors has shared what pricing EU customers can expect to see after they put a deposit down on a new P5. Three of the four EU countries XPeng now calls home are accepting deposits on P5 reservations, with Norway to follow later this spring.

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Hankook to launch iON family of tires specifically designed to deliver more range and a quieter ride to premium EVs

Hankook EV tires

Hankook is the latest tire company debuting its own line of EV-specific tires – more specifically, tires for premium EVs. Hankook Tire’s new iON family will debut later this year and will include both winter and summer options for Europe, as well as an all-season EV tire for North America.

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Ford shares plans for several more EVs in Europe and a JV to build a massive commercial vehicle battery plant in Turkey

Ford EVs Europe

American automaker Ford Motor Company, has outlined plans to expedite its push for EVs in Europe, promising nine all-electric models by 2024, seven of which are new to a lineup that already includes the Mustang Mach-E followed by the E-Transit next quarter. Vehicles from commercial unit Ford Pro, and the recently announced Ford e, combine to further expand Ford EV adoption in Europe.

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XPeng Motors opens P5 reservations in four European countries alongside a new ‘Experience Store’ in the Netherlands

XPeng P5 Reservations

Chinese EV automaker, XPeng Motors, is expanding its presence in the EU by opening reservations of its P5 smart EV to four countries – Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. The P5 is the third production model to arrive from XPeng, and its reservations are joined by news of an “Experience Store” which just opened in the Netherlands – the automaker’s second showroom in Europe.

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