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Ford unveils E-Tourneo customizable MPV with Pro Power, deliciously close to eRV


The fully electric Ford E-Tourneo custom multipurpose vehicle (MPV) is set to make its grand appearance by 2024 as one of four new electric Ford Pro models debuting in Europe. Ford’s new flagship MPV is about as close to an eRV as it gets, with flexible seating, advanced technology, and enhanced performance, making it perfect for both business and personal use.

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Ford fighting electric vehicle bottlenecks with industrial automation giant

As the race to gain electric vehicle market share heats up, Ford has a new partner to help it overcome EV manufacturing bottlenecks and meet the overwhelming demand for zero-emission models. Ford announced Wednesday it has chosen Rockwell, a leading industrial automation provider, to enable its next three EV assembly lines and accelerate its EV rollout.

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Ford F-150 Lightning powers the first-ever EV recharged electric plane flight


Remy Oktay, a student at Lafayette College, is planning the first electric plane flyover at a sporting event at the Lafayette-Lehigh football game on November 19, 2022. The electric plane is based in Hartford, Connecticut, and needs to get to Easton, Pennsylvania. However, the issue is the EV plane will need to be recharged three times, and there is no charging infrastructure, so Ford F-150 Lightning owners are stepping up to help power the flight.

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Are these Ford custom EV builds dope or nope?

Ford custom EV

Ford teamed up with aftermarket builders and parts makers to deliver three custom EV builds – one Mustang Mach-E and two F-150 Lightnings – at the 2022 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

The automaker wanted to highlight how Ford EV drivers can personalize their rides with Ford Performance Parts and Ford Licensed Accessories. Electrek writer Scooter Doll and I put in our two cents below, but we want to hear from you. Tell us in the comments – are these custom EV builds hot or not?

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Ford electric vehicles are powering a new Halloween experience with V2L tech


Ford’s electric vehicles are winning over the hearts of long-time Ford fans with an upgraded driving experience and new capabilities. EV owners are using their vehicles’ frunks and added technology such as vehicle-to-load (V2L) to upgrade their Halloween festivities, taking trick or treating to the next level. This Halloween, a few Ford EV owners showcased the innovative features and added benefits of going electric.

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Ford (F) races past Q3 2022 revenue expectations on EV boost, absorbing Argo engineers to boost self-driving tech


Ford (F) released its third-quarter 2022 earnings report after the stock market close today. The automaker has been battling supply chain bottlenecks all year, warning investors of a hit to its bottom line last month.

According to the automaker’s release, Ford beat Q3 2022 revenue as its electric vehicles continue gaining momentum. In addition, the company says it will be transferring its self-driving tech interests internally after a significant loss on its Argo AI investment.

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Ford (F) Q3 earnings preview: Analysts expect revenue to climb despite $1B in supply chain costs


Ford (F) reports its third-quarter earnings Wednesday after the bell. Although analysts expect revenue to climb YOY, earnings growth will be harder to achieve as the company has already warned investors of an over $1 billion impact from supply chain-related costs. Take a look at the Ford 2022 Q3 earnings preview below to see what you can expect later.

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Ford CEO shares F-150 Lightning’s official 0-60 mph under 4-seconds, faster than originally promised

Ford F-150 Lightning

In recent Ford fashion (when it comes to EVs at least), the American automaker has once again underpromised and overdelivered. Its latest cheeky announcement came in the form of a tweet from Ford CEO Jim Farley, who just admitted the F-150 Lightning with an extended-range battery can travel 0-60 mph in under four seconds. A huge improvement from previously shared acceleration times and a hint that Ford may have originally been conservative about its pickup’s performance.

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Ford F-150 Lightning winter towing tests and engineer interview

F-150 Lightning Towing

Ford has been taking some hits in the media on the F-150 Lightning towing range, so we thought it would be good to test it ourselves and then get the background from the people who built the Lightning, especially as we head into winter. Along with Ford’s PR team, we were joined by:

  •  Dapo Adewusi, F-150 Lightning Engineering Manager
  •  Gitanjli McRoy, Chief Engineer, EV Energy Management Systems

Here’s the discussion along with firsthand towing impressions below in both New York and Detroit.

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Ford triples EV sales YOY with strong Mustang Mach-E growth and gains 3.1% electric vehicle market share


Ford released its September 2022 sales results Tuesday as the US automaker continues to see rising demand for its electric vehicles. Despite ongoing supply issues, Ford’s electric vehicle sales tripled (+197.3%) from last year, gaining 3.1% market share as the automaker looks to hit its goal of a 600,000 run rate by the end of 2023.

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Ford, LG Energy supplier using lithium extraction with ‘minimal environmental impact’ to produce EV battery metals


Compass Mineral International, a leading supplier of essential minerals like salt and sulfate of potash (used in plant fertilizer), has been pivoting to focus on the “new gold” rush, lithium. The minerals company, which has deals to supply lithium for EV leaders like Ford and LG Energy, is doubling down by using a new extraction technology to obtain the mineral with minimal impact on the environment.

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Ford sets new requirements for dealers to sell EVs, including mandatory fast chargers and non-negotiable pricing

Ford dealers

Ford Motor Company has unveiled a new companywide strategy to its dealership network of nearly 3,000 locations. Ford dealers have been alerted that they have until October 31 to decide whether they will invest their own money into one of two “certified” EV tiers to partake in Ford’s Model e business. Only those dealers who buy in will be authorized to sell EVs from January 1, 2024, onward. There’s a lot to unfold here, so let’s get right to it.

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