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Japan, South Korean leaders push for US EV tax credit rule changes


South Korean officials and leaders from Japan are expressing concerns over the new US EV tax credit requirements that kick in at the end of the year. New reports are surfacing that Japan and South Korea will request flexibility in the rule changes. Will they get their way, paving the way for automakers like Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia electric vehicles to qualify?

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Toyota exec equates 300K hybrids sold to 90K electric vehicles while heatedly defending company’s EV plans


Toyota can’t seem to grasp why it’s being criticized for its lack of progress in fully electric vehicles. The Japanese automaker is making headlines Wednesday after an executive went off on a tangent defending Toyota’s carbon reduction efforts and future EV plans – the frustration comes as Toyota has come under fire for not going all in on electric vehicles.

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Toyota will resume bZ4X EV sales following safety recall concerning its wheels falling off

Toyota EV recall

Global automaker and hybrid zealot Toyota announced it will resume sales of its first mass-produced battery EV – the bZ4X, following a safety recall concerning risk that its wheels could fall off. Months later, the Japanese automaker appears to have found a fix to the manufacturing defect (as well as a previously undiscovered safety issue) and plans to resume bZ4X production immediately.

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Toyota still hasn’t received the EV memo, sticks to hybrid strategy going forward


It looks like Toyota is still not getting the message: people want electric vehicles, not hybrids. Despite all the evidence pointing to the inevitable growth of EVs in the auto industry, Toyota insists on sticking with hybrids, claiming, “That’s our strategy, and we’re sticking to it.” Well, Toyota, you may end up being left behind as nearly every other automaker, nation, and organization is moving toward sustainable, fully-electric vehicles.

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Toyota will convert Japanese engine plants to build batteries – is it finally coming around to EVs?

Toyota batteries

Japanese automaker Toyota continues to delve deeper into a Bizarro-mirrored universe in which it actually (sort of) behaves like an EV automaker. Following news earlier this week in which the EV laggards laid out an $5.6 billion investment plan to build batteries, Toyota is already making moves to convert two engine and powertrain plants near its Japanese headquarters to produce EV batteries instead.

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Toyota’s bZ4X recall isn’t going great – company offers car buyback

Toyota bZ4X

Toyota has sent a letter to bZ4X owners, offering a choice between a loaner and incentive package or full repurchase of vehicles, as the company continues to struggle with (literally) keeping the wheels on their first electric car effort.

Notably, the car’s electric drive systems are not affected by the recall – the battery and drive motor are working perfectly fine.

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Toyota to launch an electrified SUV version of its Crown sedan, the first Toyota exported to the US in the 1950s

Toyota Crown SUV

A recent report out of Tokyo says that Toyota is working on an SUV version of its Crown sedan, arriving in hybrid, PHEV, and fully-electric versions for its home country in addition to exports of some versions to China and North America. The Crown was the first Toyota vehicle to be exported to the United States in 1958, and it has remained a mainstay model in the Japanese market for 67 years.

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Federal tax credits will soon be phased out for Toyota EV customers in the US

Toyota Panasonic Lithium Battery

According to recent comments from Toyota North America, the automaker expects to surpass the 200,000 vehicle threshold for EV sales sometime this summer, disqualifying itself from any additional tax credits in the United States under current legislation. Toyota’s federal tax credits will be phased out just as the automaker plans to begin sales of its lone BEV, the bZ4X, later this year.

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