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I’ve ridden every electric motorcycle out there. Here’s what I’ve discovered

Zero FXE electric motorcycle ridden by Micah Toll

Electric motorcycles are my jam. If I’m on two wheels and it’s not a bicycle, then odds are I’m on an electric motorcycle. I don’t ride them because they’re clean or green, though those are nice side benefits – I ride them because they’re fun and enjoyable. They’re infinitely better than sitting in a car watching the world go by through glass. And the ownership experience is so much nicer than gas motorcycles due to their greatly reduced maintenance, lower cost of ownership, lack of vibrating cacophony, and a laundry list of other reasons.

My love of these awesome e-motos has put me in a unique position of having ridden pretty much every one of them out there.

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The SONDORS Metacycle first ride: Does this low-cost electric motorcycle meet the hype?

sondors metacycle review

I waited for this day for nearly two years, biding my time until I would finally get a chance to throw a leg over the SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle and ride off into the sunset with the twist of a wrist.

I never quite got that sunset, but an overcast LA morning was the next best thing I could wrangle up on short notice. The SONDORS team let me take out an early production Metacycle to get a sense of how the bike rides and whether or not it lives up to the long-building hype.

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First look at electric Kawasaki Ninja and Kawasaki Z electric motorcycle, coming out in 2023

kawasaki ninja electric

Kawasaki took to the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show to unveil a trio of electric motorcycles, with Electrek front and center to see the action live. The Kawasaki Ninja EV and Kawasaki Z EV were revealed as traditional battery electric motorcycles, while the company also unveiled an HEV hydrogen-powered concept motorcycle.

I’ll spare you the uninspired cliché about “Team Green going green,” and we’ll just get to the bikes.

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Italian electric motorcycle maker Energica set to debut massive 180hp electric motor

energica experia

Energica, the pride of Italy’s growing electric motorcycle manufacturing industry, already has one of the most powerful electric motorcycle drivetrains in the market. But that hasn’t stopped the electric motorcycle company, which was acquired by Ideanomics earlier this year, from pushing the envelope further with what appears to be an even higher-powered electric motor.

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First ride: CSC RX1E $8k and 80 MPH electric motorcycle is a perfect starter bike

csc rx1e

When CSC first announced the RX1E, I was super excited about the prospect of an electric motorcycle that could hit highway speeds while priced at a fraction of most big name e-motos today. And so, when I was swinging through LA recently, I made sure to stop by CSC’s Azusa headquarters and give the bike a test. Now I’m even more excited than ever about this new addition to CSC’s lineup.

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From electric boats to surfboards, these are the wildest EVs I’ve tested all summer

I’ve had the pleasure of testing a wide range of interesting non-car electric vehicles. From three-wheeled Fun Utility Vehicles that can hit 75 mph to flying electric boats to Harley-Davidson’s flagship electric motorcycle, it’s been a wild few years.

But this summer has been especially jam-packed with fun electric vehicles ranging from electric watercraft to e-bikes and long range electric motorcycles. These are the top five wildest EVs that I’ve tested this summer.

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