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Gogoro delivery day: I got one of the first battery-swapping Gogoro electric scooters outside of Asia

Gogoro S2 ABS Micah Toll

Gogoro’s battery-swapping network is world-renowned for making EV charging obsolete in dozens of models of electric scooters and motorbikes. The system uses smart connected batteries and thousands of swap stations that allow riders to roll up, swap batteries, and ride off — all in less time than a fuel fill-up on an ICE vehicle. And now that I’ve gotten my own Gogoro S2 ABS electric scooter, I’ve finally had the chance to experience the system firsthand.

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Gogoro’s global expansion continues as battery swapping giant enters Indian market

gogoro zypp battery swapping

Gogoro (NASDAQ: GGR) announced today that its highly acclaimed battery-swapping system designed for electric scooters and motorbikes is ready to roll out in India next month. The announcement came as Gogoro and local EV delivery company Zypp Electric unveiled a new partnership that will see Gogoro’s batteries and scooters soon zipping around Delhi.

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NIO boosting its EV battery lease business with swap station expansion across Europe

NIO swap station

Chinese EV automaker NIO has already rooted its flag in the soil of Europe, yet is still merely getting started with its plans to expand beyond its home turf. The company’s president recently shared that NIO plans to offer battery lease programs and a huge expansion of available swap stations as a strategy to entice more EU customers and gain a larger chunk of the growing EV market overseas.

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Swappable Battery Motorcycle Consortium grows to 21 members for standardized batteries

swappable batteries

Swappable batteries are the key to making light electric motorcycles and electric scooters practical for city residents and apartment dwellers who lack a private charging spot at hom, and now a promising battery standard known as the Swappable Battery Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) has grown from just four to a total of 21 members, hoping to make that dream closer to reality.

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Gogoro, world leader in battery-swapping EVs, announces 500,000th subscriber

Gogoro has just announced a major milestone, reaching half a million subscribers for its battery swap network. The battery swapping giant produces both a wide range of popular electric scooters and a battery swapping network that is used by several other major players in the electric two-wheeler market. The widespread use of Gogoro’s batteries by other manufacturers has helped it become the de facto standard in battery swapping.

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NIO is testing swap stations that reduce peak demand by sending energy back to the grid

NIO swap station

According to a recent Weibo post, EV automaker NIO is testing its latest generation of battery swap stations in China. Due to record temperature across the country causing energy blackouts, NIO has explained that some of its swap stations already have the technology equipped to act as “virtual power plants” supplying energy back to the local grid during peak hours.

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Gogoro’s battery swap stations and electric scooters heading to the West, launching in Israel

gogoro israel

Gogoro, widely considered to be the global leader in battery swapping for light electric vehicles, announced today that it is officially launching operations in Israel. The move marks a major westward expansion by the electric scooter and battery swapping company, which has until now largely focused on dominating the Eastern markets.

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NIO is allowing customers enrolled in battery swaps to opt out and buy their EV batteries

NIO Battery swaps

Two years after launching its Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) model, NIO has amended its program to allow those customers enrolled in battery swaps to opt out and purchase their EV battery. NIO states that its decision is based off feedback from consumers who regret their BaaS enrollment, but explains this group remains relatively small.

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KYMCO’s Ionex swappable EV batteries to share power between electric motorcycles and streetlights

KYMCO Chairman Allen Ko recently shared new plans from the company’s electric vehicle developments, including the debut of the KYMCO Ionex Smart Streetlights system. Once employed, the system would see connected streetlights and traffic lights in smart cities tied into the brand’s swappable EV battery stations.

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Geely is rolling out swap stations for heavy duty EVs like cement mixers, housing three-ton battery packs

Geely swap

Chinese multinational automotive company, Geely, has shared a recent update from its Technology Group subsidiary showing battery swap capabilities integrated into what it calls Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). The battery swap stations operate under the same concept as passenger EVs, but use a different swap method without having to lift the hefty construction vehicles.

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Major milestone reached as Gogoro produces its 1 millionth swappable EV battery

Time flies when you’re making revolutionary batteries capable of changing the world’s transportation landscape. Since launching in 2015, Gogoro has expanded from a local electric scooter producer to a worldwide leader in swappable battery technology.

Now the Taipei-based company has announced that it has produced its 1 millionth swappable battery pack.

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