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Micah Toll is a personal electric vehicle enthusiast, battery nerd, and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling books DIY Lithium Batteries, DIY Solar Power, The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide and The Electric Bike Manifesto.

The e-bikes that make up Micah’s current daily drivers are the $999 Lectric XP 2.0, the $1,095 Ride1Up Roadster V2, the $1,199 Rad Power Bikes RadMission, and the $3,299 Priority Current. But it’s a pretty evolving list these days.

You can send Micah tips at, or find him on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.

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I’ve ridden every electric motorcycle out there. Here’s what I’ve discovered

Zero FXE electric motorcycle ridden by Micah Toll

Electric motorcycles are my jam. If I’m on two wheels and it’s not a bicycle, then odds are I’m on an electric motorcycle. I don’t ride them because they’re clean or green, though those are nice side benefits – I ride them because they’re fun and enjoyable. They’re infinitely better than sitting in a car watching the world go by through glass. And the ownership experience is so much nicer than gas motorcycles due to their greatly reduced maintenance, lower cost of ownership, lack of vibrating cacophony, and a laundry list of other reasons.

My love of these awesome e-motos has put me in a unique position of having ridden pretty much every one of them out there.

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These are the best electric bike sales for Cyber Monday that are already running [Updated]

Black Friday returned with a bang this year, especially in the electric bike and e-scooter markets. Companies are fighting over consumers to out do each other with impressive sales. Some companies are offering nearly a thousand dollars off major e-bikes, while others are helping consumers save hundreds of dollars while also throwing in hundreds of dollars of free gear and accessories. Now that we’ve got Cyber Monday to look forward to, the sales just keep on coming. All of these awesome e-bike deals below (and some e-scooter deals, too) are already live and running!

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Babymaker 2 review: This belt-drive electric bike is more than just an edgy name

flx babymaker 2 electric bike

Yeah, I thought the same that you did when I first started covering the Babymaker 2. Here’s a new e-bike from some bike bros that’s got more of a provocative name than actual substance.

But I was wrong. Because after getting the chance to spin the pedals on the Babymaker 2 and put some good honest miles on the bike, I realized that this is actually a very nice e-bike for a certain segment of the population. And not just the keg stand segment.

Black Friday update: it is now priced at $1,499!

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Wheel-E Podcast: Stingray e-bike, Fuell Fllow, Metacycle test ride & more

Wheel-E Podcast by Electrek

This week on Electrek’s Wheel-E podcast, we discuss the most popular news stories from the world of electric bikes and other nontraditional electric vehicles. This time that includes Amazon getting in hot water for selling kits to hot-rod electric bikes, reviews of interesting new electric bikes, Erik Buell’s electric motorcycle starts taking reservations, there’s an upcoming electric Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, and lots more.

This week’s Podcast is again sponsored by Gates belt drives and their new Moto X5 Belts.

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Study finds electric bikes are 21% more fun and 13% more efficient than pedal bikes

aventon level.2

Electric bikes, which provide motor assistance to make pedaling easier, have seen surging popularity over the past decade as a fun and efficient alternative form of transportation. One of the biggest successes of the e-bike movement has been creating new riders out of drivers that wouldn’t have otherwise considered switching from a car to a pedal bike. Now, a new study is showing just how much more efficient (and fun) e-bikes are than pedal bikes.

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InMotion V5 electric unicycle review: How I didn’t even hurt myself testing it

The electric unicycle crowd is a pretty passionate one. It’s not rare to see you folks in my comment section, lecturing me about how your EUC goes farther and faster than whatever e-bike I’m covering that day, all for a fraction of the price. And I’ll admit, the ability to ride an electric vehicle to your destination and then just pick it up to carry it inside like a briefcase does have its appeal. So I figured I’d give the InMotion V5 a test, as it’s supposed to be a very beginner friendly wheel.

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Amazon takes heat for selling devices to hot-rod electric bikes for more speed

Bosch 2020

It’s a tale as old as time, humans finding ways to boost the speed of their rides. Cars get chipped. Motorcycles get aftermarket sprockets. Hell, back in the day horses probably got fed “the good carrots.” Now one of the latest forms of speed hacking has targeted electric bikes, and Amazon is getting raked over the coals for helping provide the goods to illegally hot-rod those e-bikes.

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Weird Alibaba: This Chinese electric tractor can tow more than your dinosaur truck

electric tractor alibaba

Each week I dig around in the bottom of the barrel of China’s weirdest shopping site, dragging to the surface a funky electric vehicle to laugh either with and/or at. They’re usually fairly underpowered things, coasting by on their good looks and charm. But this week, we’ve got the opposite: a vehicle so ugly that not even its mother could love it but that can haul so much that it doesn’t even care.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is your big boy. And it’s perfect for this week’s Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week.

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