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Electric Semi Truck

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The new Pepsi challenge: Coke and Pepsi race toward sustainable delivery fleets

Coke and Pepsi are fighting for first again. Only this time, they are battling for the right reasons. A few days before Pepsi is set to receive its first Tesla electric semi trucks on December 1, Coca-Cola has exciting news of its own – the company has begun deliveries in its new electric truck fleet.

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Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: Move over, Tesla Semi – I want to buy this electric big rig!

electric big rig

Remember the good old days of your youth, taking road trips with your family and giving truckers the arm signal to blow their air horns? What if I told you that you could soon be blowing your very own air horn in your very own electric semitruck? It’s a real possibility, now that the great dollar store of the internet known as Alibaba is stocking electric tractor trailers!

And fortunately enough, this kind of thing is just odd enough to make it into this week’s rendition of the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week!

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Cyclum Renewables reimagines the truck stop ahead of electric semi truck surge

electric semi truck charging station

Somewhere in a Venn diagram that includes Turkish bath houses, refugee camps, and outdoor music festivals exists the American truck stop. In concept and execution, it’s a business model that has endured for decades – but the coming wave of electric semi trucks will present different challenges than a gas pump and shower, and challenge presents opportunity.

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670 hp Kenworth T680E electric semi debuts at CES with 150 mi. range

electric kenworth semi

Kenworth’s latest, production-ready T680E electric semi truck made its debut earlier this week at the PACCAR CES display in Las Vegas. Make no mistake, this K Whopper is ready to work with 670 hp and an absolutely massive battery to give it 150 mi. of range – but that’s just the headline, and it gets more impressive from there. Read on!

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Geely’s Farizon Auto unveils ‘Homtruck’ electric semi for global market in 2024

electric semi

Farizon Auto, the commercial vehicle branch of Geely, launched a new electric semi-truck concept called the Homtruck. While the unveiled vehicle remains a concept, Geely has already shared intentions to enter production and begin deliveries in 2024. Furthermore, the Chinese automaker is planning to roll out the Homtruck semi in international markets too, including North America.

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